Esemplare’s collections are the result of the Research and Development Division within the team. The aim is to test and select new technologies and materials to achieve the best performance in any climatic or environmental condition and to make the experience of each garment unique.

Esemplare is thought for the contemporary urban traveler: jackets that allow to express their identity combining comfort and a unique style.

Ongoing research gives birth to water repellent, 3 layers fabrics, controlled corrosion of fibres to generate new texture patterns, the ultrasound welding or the mix of technical materials (neoprene, nylon) with fine fabrics (cashmere). New techniques developed with the aim of achieving the highest performance.

- The application of thermoseams to prevent water from penetrating and making the jackets impermeable.

 - Laser cuts that avoid any fraying of the fabric.

- The use of ultrasound that replaces the traditional stitching.