Esemplare is a trademark committed to research and experimentation.

Its jackets and coats are in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, with a forward-looking perspective that does not forget the past. The reversed Y yoke on the back for example ensures unique comfort and fit.

The heat-sealed seams are waterproof since they prevent under pressure water from penetrating. Besides, the laser cuts avoid any fraying. But the centrepiece of the Esemplare technology is the innovative garment construction technique with ultrasonic heat-sealed welds, made without seams. The Esemplare fabrics are the result of years of research, carried out in the company’s laboratories. These fabrics are designed to offer the highest quality and greatest comfort in every situation. Esemplare jackets and coats are made without furs and down. They are waterproof and built with two/three layers for better performances (3 layers).

The layers are coupled with neoprene and cotton fabrics for a performing result. An alternative is the nylon rePET, produced by recycling plastic bottles to optimize natural resources since the materials used are already manufactured. The Esemplare garments may be padded with Thermore Ecodown®, made from 100% recycled PET bottles fibres, which can be dry cleaned or washed with water. Thermore Ecodown® ensures high resistance and maintains exceptional thermal properties over time. The alternative is Thermore® Classic padding, which consists of 50% high-technology recycled fibres. The patented SR (special reduction) process allows a variance in the thickness of a chosen weight without a proportional loss in thermal value.

Esemplare outerwear is ideal for travelling men and women; professionals who care for the environment and for the culture of what they wear. Individuals who are simply demanding and accustomed to the best.