ESEMPLARE collection SS 2016 definitely redefines its vocation to sportswear, but with a new approach refined and relaxed, a mix of style and technological innovations, a combination between tailoring and modern technical aptitude.

SS 2016 garments are assembled with ultrasound, laser cutted on stitchings. These techniques allow to fabrics extraordinary performance, enhancing its features.

ESEMPLARE renewed silhouette shaping on body, using proportions adding details such as ergonomic sleeves. Distinctive features of collection are the taped ruby-red bands on the bottom and breathing laser holes, studied to embellish the garment without detracting from the functionality.

The collection takes the classical sportswear garments, updated in the urban daily use, trusting that elegance could be exalted by techniques performance or new technologies. Taking on such a quality location, where materials combined with advanced technology and a modern fit, are pure refined design.

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