Spring Summer 2017

ESEMPLARE born from the desire to embark on a new  journey in the clothing field, dedicated to women and men who travel countless roads physically and mentally.
This sense of freedom  has inspired the collection: those who dress ESEMPLARE do it effortlessly, considering it a part of their identity that it almost becomes a second nature.
Each sample is different because it fills up the personality of its owner, transforming itself from time to time to something new and bringing along a continuous message.
The ESEMPLARE man collection Spring - Summer 2017 continues its innovative growth journey
The result is a cutting-edge collection designed for urban traveler, lover and connoisseur of the innovations that succeed in the greatest city in the world. It is a route that discovers new horizons, which takes unconventional shades, for a continuous quest for the next goal, towards a new design.
A contemporary man whose need is related to the functionality of the garments he wears, who loves to travel with a hand luggage only. A urban traveler who does not flaunt it as their own modern time and resourcefulness, while commitments are followed and elegance remains invariable.
The same one that recognizes and is passionate about the unconventional lines, the style of the materials, the design. Who loves ESEMPLARE  as  "clothes-maker" even before "fashion".
The collection plays with volumes and evolves looking for a perfect balance of fit, materials, colors and reversibility. The result is a mix of comfortable garments for the day but also usable for more glamourous evenings, within a minimal and contemporary look.
The materials are outlined in natural fabrics, water repellent cotton, coated or treated so that they help to characterize the simple lines for cross-cutting heads, which are reproduced in iconic shapes like peacot, the saharian and the new field jacket. The most sophisticated nuances of heaven and earth are reflected on each piece of the collection  creating a natural mood  of landscape.
The continuous research, the push towards the future is what always characterize ESEMPLARE: the preciousness of each piece is to interpret their own time, but ESEMPLARE does much more, anticipating a step. The thermo-taping internal feature at the bottom of the clothes from Geranium color, the laser cuts and distinctive feature of Carré. An evolution that is transformed  into revolution and this makes every outfit a good story to tell.
During the 90th edition of Pitti Uomo, ESEMPLARE will join the men's collection, a new one dedicated to the women's world, extending  their research and exploration. A collection that embodies the hallmarks of the company: research, know-how and exclusivity. Contemporary, dynamic and extremely sensual within strong personality. The samples follow one another like a beautiful design created by clean and elegant lines, a mood of whispered design, where the melting of ferrous and gray tones are litted up by sand and ivory shades with olive accents. A dream landscape that glimpsed between the profiles of ESEMPLARE female collection, that surprises  with a  wide research, unexpected combination of jacquard fabrics with floral patterns and modern machining skills.

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