The FW 17/18 ESEMPLARE season confirms its technological sportswear DNA for an urban travel use. Esemplare is designed for contemporary men and women, able to recognize the importance of tailoring and textile culture. The centrepiece of Esemplare’s conception are simple and sophisticated lines designed to dress your own personality.

ESEMPLARE moves forward on its path, presenting a collection with a remarkable research into fabrics and product engineering. The brand picks up the iconic fashion pieces of the wardrobe - the double-breasted coat, the parka and the pea coat - reinterpreting them in an urban military way.  The inspiration comes indeed from the military tradition, both in terms of fit and colours. The ultralight water-repellent nylon and the Thermore technical padding give birth to ultra-comfortable, practical and warm pieces of clothing.

ESEMPLARE dresses contemporary men and women who do not like to parade. People who may have different needs during the same day because of the occasion, the temperature and the climate. For them it is crucial to recognize the modernity of the product, together with the textile culture and the tradition.
Esemplare’s philosophy is to create highly performing garments exploiting fabrics transformation like neoprene bonding, polyester cavallery, cashmere mix and camouflage printed cloths. These combinations enrich and transform the fabrics, making them insulating and windproof. Therefore, every garment is innovative: ESEMPLARE’s style is the perfect embodiment of technology and tradition mix.

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