The Hateful Eight

On the occasion of the new long-awaited Quentin Tarantino movie “The Hateful Eight” in cinemas from February 2016, Esemplare, a brand famous for its production of evolved urban sportswear garments, launches 10 numbered items of the parka “Eight” inspired by the new Tarantino movie. At the end of the promotion, there is going to be a prize draw of exclusive prizes, like a holiday in a ranch and 10 outerwear items by Esemplare.

Eight (this Esemplare piece of clothing) is a parka marked by a comfortable fit and a well-defined line, with important characteristics such as performance fabrics like TEFLON certified water repellent cotton. Also, it was decided to use eco-friendly materials by substituting goose down with CLUSTER 12 synthetic fills. Tradition, eco-sustainability and technology are the key words for a totally Made in Italy product.

Years after the Civil War, a stagecoach is forced to stop in the heart of Wyoming, due to a blizzard that at a certain point compels the protagonists to stop to seek refuge at a stagecoach lodge. The eight travellers, blocked by the snow, soon realise that maybe not everybody is who they say they are and that for no one it is going to be easy to reach Red Rock.

Esemplare therefore offers an ideal garment to cope with cold winter, so freezing as the one in the snow-covered Wyoming, where Quentin Tarantino decided to set his last movie.

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