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Research, development, technology, innovation and competitiveness: these are the five key words to help us understand the evolution of the textile sector. A sector which invests in research and development, where technical fabrics find more and more space and thus it represents the meeting point between two worlds, the one of fashion and the one of technology.
These clothing stylistic solutions combine comfort with durability, ease of use with very useful features like design and exploitation of innovative technologies. The last point is made possible by the use of new fibres or new production processes.
Such perfect premise embodies the philosophy of a brand like ESEMPLARE, outerwear manufacturer with a technological sportswear DNA for an urban travel use. ESEMPLARE is present in over 200 stores worldwide.
One of the main features of the ESEMPLARE garments is technological research combined with formality, where heat sealed and glued traditional Italian fabrics merge with innovative fabrics.
In an era marked by the standardisation of production processes, "quality" is not a term to be used lightly as it deals with all those values that make a garment, but also any object, precious and different from everything else.
In this context, ESEMPLARE relies on young people and gives them the opportunity, through a competition, to discover new technological access keys for the production of outerwear while respecting tradition, craftsmanship and details.
The contest is open to students under 28 years of age enrolled at Fashion Design universities and in fashion schools. The contest aims to discover new talents with the ability to combine the ESEMPLARE avant-garde, values and style.
Each project must be composed of maximum 2 garments and must show a particular sensitivity to the issues of producibility and implementation costs. Participants must send a maximum of 5 anonymous tables, in PDF A3 horizontal format containing: concept, photographs, inspiration mood, drawings, fashion sketches and samples of fabrics or colours. To allow the maximum freedom of expression any form of representation is accepted.
The three best works will be awarded a prize and the winner will be awarded a € 1,800.00 scholarship.

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