When fashion meets passion for technological research, extraordinary things can happen.
This proves that the Fashion world is not just illusion and sparkling glitter.

Design, sense of style and intuition are the elements of the perfect chemical formula, which by reacting with research of new trends, can create cutting-edge and exclusive garments.

This is ESEMPLARE’s secret, a brand born from the desire to embark on a new journey in the clothing field, dedicated to men and women who travel every day on a new, free and independent road. In 2014 Pattern bought Esemplare. Pattern is the reference point for design and production for the most prestigious brands worldwide.

This solid background and a strong desire for freedom are the main ingredients of the brand’s philosophy. These two elements allow the creation of personal garments, designed especially for urban travellers who want to dress their time with innovation and enterprise. The reversed Y yoke on the back allows a unique fit, enriched every time with new performing characteristics.

The last ESEMPLARE invention is dedicated to environment, with the recognizable signature of eco-sustainability:  the focus is on the innovative concept of “Circular Economy”. Two items of outerwear, for men and women, in anthracite or army green, embody perfectly the values of the brand, proving how style and care for details are a perfect combo: these models are realized with THERMORE ECODOWN, a 100% recycled alternative which can save up to 10 bottles per garment. Also, using PET bottles will help protect energy reserves for future generations.

This is a concrete example of circular economy, where a thoughtful design reuses already existing resources by simply transforming them and not producing new ones.

The exterior of the garment is made of re-pet recycled nylon obtained by reusing plastic bottles. The internal part of the garment is covered by soft fake fur. The base of Esemplare’s philosophy is sustainability, so it has removed from its collections goose down, leather and real fur.

The new Esemplare ecologic garments will be presented at the White, a prestigious showcase for the latest fashion tendencies.
From physics to tailoring, from environment to catwalks, ESEMPLARE managed to overcome the distances of faraway lands by using PET bottles’ recycled fibres. No special maintenance is required for the material and it can be washed in water and dry-cleaned, guaranteeing high resistance without losing its thermal characteristics.
A new way to see things, to live your time, with attention, cleverness and critical thinking. This is a new smart fashion that proves how the bond between talent and aesthetic sensitivity is the truest of all beauties.

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