Esemplare engineers “breathe-in”

Innovative urban wear protection technology

“Ability to Breath in Chaos".

”ESEMPLARE’s b-in” project - acronym for breath-integrated - a new clothing concept that allows  you to safely live your daily urban life,  , while being able to adapt to the multiple challenges that climate presents.

Evolution and reactivity have always been ESEMPLARE's core characteristics and they have led  us to think of a new, broader interpretation of the idea of protection.”  says Fulvio Botto, Pattern’s owner and founder, together with Francesco Martorella.


The "Breath-In" project is prescient in its focus on the theme of mobility, which will be presented in  the ESEMPLARE Spring Summer 2021 collection, and is the result of a new concept of functional urbanwear  capable of adapting to change and reacting to different instances of urban mobility .

This project is the perfect merging of technology and sustainability, but also employs leading-edge engineering skills and research into high performance materials for urban active wear. seen in bothmodular wear and in the selection of 4way stretch fabric,mainly used in sportwear up till now-.


This 4way technical stretch fabric,boasts two Sensitive® Plus heat-sealed layers that become a real barrier against bacteria, UV rays and water.



In perfect ESEMPLARE style, the “b-in” products are designed for long-term use  and high-performance exemplifying the essence of sustainability and the life- cycle of products: - shape-retaining long-term, no-crease, non- shedding and abrasion resistant.

This fabric also plays its part in the Sensitive Ecosystem – synonymous with sustainability, where every single phase of the production cycle is closely monitored to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals and produce less waste.


Something has changed.” Fulvio Botto continues “More and more, consumers are developing a critical approach to purchasing, supporting companies that are actually committed to improving  our the condition of our planet… because this planet  is the only legacy we will leave our children.

We have always believed in concrete action and we are committed to it every day.




There are four modular and unisex models,, , - two soft shells, hooded/ secondskin and one with a mask.


ABC1-softshell is the first prototype, engineered  with a highly innovative breathing system, fully integrated into the hood - and includes  a fullyreplaceable filtration device.


The material is certified to guarantee the highest level of protection: 100 OEKO_TEX® class A certificate, 98% in the bacterial filtration efficiency tests (BFE).

Tested for its antibacterial properties, it is  an effective barrier againstsmog, smoke, pollen and dust mites.


Each model - is equipped with an external ventilation system using laser technology, with an essential, ergonomic shapeand replaceable infralayer filter, delivered with a spare filter kit.


These models can be purchased exclusively from the ESEMPLARE e-commerce site from mid-June 2020.

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