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I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.” – Andy Warhol


Chemistry Matters


Since 2016, ESEMPLARE has been committed to eliminating substances deemed toxic or harmful by major international standards, applying protocols even more restrictively than required. The paradigm of reference is the ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals), aimed at eliminating chemicals that harm the environment in all production processes in the supply chain.


The ESEMPLARE way of doing things


All the processes that affect our garments are an authentic and faithful implementation of the principles of the circular economy.

The values of sustainability characterize not only the finished product, but animate all our employees and find application in our daily work.

Sustainable design: we are inspired by the concepts of modularity, versatility and adaptability and we develop garments that can be continuously updated, are durable and repairable.

  • Research and development: we study, develop and engineer new technologies, materials and fabrics that guarantee high performance, without drawing on virgin raw materials.
  • Sourcing: we use eco-sustainable fabrics that combine tradition and innovation.
  • Production: we use a certified supply chain of partners who respectfully share our approach and ethics.
  • Recycling and regeneration: we monitor and reduce waste. We use, regenerate and recycle the materials used in the production process, giving value even to waste.
  • Waste management: after a careful selection and sorting operation, the materials are sent to specific companies able to give them a second life, transforming them back into raw material.



In addition,


  • ESEMPLARE's creative offices and much of the production chain use renewable and certified energy sources, taking care to use them wisely and minimizing waste.
  • Our wastewater treatment plants are carefully designed. In addition, we perform thorough process controls and chemical management, following standards that go beyond legal requirements, to minimize chemical, physical and biological pollutants.
  • We want to raise the level of awareness of our employees to ensure that the resources we have are always used carefully and consciously.


All Round


ESEMPLARE is the highest expression of the values and principles that guide the entire Pattern Group, a project that moves from deep-rooted and sincere beliefs, a new way of doing business in an intelligent, ethical and sustainable way.
  • In 2013, Pattern was the first Italian packaging company to obtain SA8000-Social Accountability international certification.
  • In 2018 Pattern joined the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) identified by the UN in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
  • In 2019, Pattern is the first Italian company to become a signatory to the "Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action (UNFCCC)", acknowledging the responsibilities of the fashion industry and embarking on a path towards decarbonisation.

    Est modus in rebus


    Measuring means understanding and becoming aware of our impact on the environment.

    It is the starting point to direct our efforts towards targeted actions, pursuing concrete and quantifiable objectives. Only what you measure can be reduced.
    • Since 2016, Pattern has prepared an annual sustainability report following the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.
    • Since 2019, Pattern has participated in CDP's Climate Change reporting, demonstrating transparency and accountability on environmental issues central to the low-carbon transition. In Italy, only 3 companies in the fashion sector have participated. 

    Day by day


    ESEMPLARE's sustainability begins in our daily lives.
    We make responsible decisions about every aspect of our operations, starting with the design of our corporate facilities and infrastructure.
    • Since 2018, we have only purchased green energy to cover our needs.
    • In 2019, we changed our lighting system, installing LED lamps in all rooms. In addition, we improved the thermal and light insulation of the plant, changing the window and door frames.
    • Since 2019 we have been using only recycled paper, saving a considerable amount of energy, water and trees
    • In 2019, we installed water dispensers for our employees, avoiding a total consumption of 20,000 plastic bottles per year.


    In the beginning was the verb


    "An ESEMPLARE garment is born with the aim of responding to the needs of the present. It is the design of the product that interests us in a particular way, just its functionality. Everything starts from the research of materials, of the new technologies available and we try to think of them always at the "service" of the individual... We always learn something, in short!

    When we design an ESEMPLARE garment we want everything about it, every last detail, not to be wasted and to have a precise utility, in a SUSTAINABLE perspective for which nothing is superfluous."


    Fulvio Botto e Franco Martorella

    ESEMPLARE founders

    The history


    Pattern was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella who, after gaining experience as pattern makers for the most important fashion houses, decided to start up their own project by collaborating with the big brands, the Pattern group.

    The group - a point of reference for the most prestigious international high fashion brands - today represents the largest independent international reality in terms of design and pattern-making capacity dedicated to the first lines.

    In 2014, Pattern acquired the ESEMPLARE brand, which developed with a strong and clear identity: an Urban Utility men's collection, the extreme synthesis of all Pattern's values, which combines the most advanced technologies and attention to the issue of environmental sustainability with a pure and essential design. The collections are the result of continuous research and experimentation and are designed, engineered and developed exclusively in Italy.