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Having to choose between a sustainable future and an unsustainable present, we have already chosen which side to take.

With Esemplare, we give a new meaning to the concept of clothing.

These are Innovative and sustainable garments, created to meet the needs of today's consumers, mindful of the future of tomorrow's consumers. Garments that leave their mark on the wearer's style while having a zero impact on the environment.

With Esemplare we abandon linear thinking for a new circular way of thinking. Thanks to the recycling and regeneration processes, every end offers a new beginning.


There are fabrics that you will never find in an Esemplare piece. Our research had led us to produce state-of the-art materials, found only in Esemplare clothing.

  • Since 2016 , Esemplare has completely eliminated substances considered toxic or harmful by international standards, applying even stricter protocols than required. The reference model is the ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals), aimed at eliminating the substances present in the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List, pertaining to chemicals used in the production processes) and PRSL (Product Restriced Guidance List from all the supply chain production processes, regarding materials contained in the finished product).

Engineering and experimenting with new technologies and new fabrics allows us to create unique garments that are not only sustainable, but also innovative and highly performing.

  • The Esemplare collections are 100% sustainable.
  • The Esemplare collection for Autumn / Winter 2020 is made up of more than 56% recycled materials.
  • Thermore Ecodown is an innovative padding, fruit of Esemplare's assiduous research. It is made of 100% recycled fibre obtained from the reuse of 10 plastic bottles.

We want to reduce the consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and increase the quality of recycled products, which is why certification of raw materials used by Esemplare according to ICEA Global Recycle Standards (GRS), is in progress.

“A new way of seeing, doing and living, with care, intelligence and critical spirit."


All the processes concerning Esemplare garments are an authentic and faithful implementation of circular economy principles: a closed cycle economic system, which manages to feed itself and to regenerate itself.

The values of sustainability characterise not only the finished product, but live in all our employees and are applied in our daily work.

  • Sustainable design: we are inspired by the concepts of modularity, versatility and adaptability and we develop garments that can be continuously updated, are long-lasting and repairable.
  • Research and development: Innovation for regeneration is the direction that guides us towards the future Esemplare. We research, develop and engineer new technologies, materials and fabrics that guarantee very high performance, without exploiting virgin raw materials.
  • Supply: we use only Italian and eco-sustainable fabrics, combining tradition and innovation.
  • Production: we locate our own production in Italy, relying on the quality of Made in Italy, or in Europe, excluding any form of production in the East.
  • Recycling and regeneration: our goal: Do more and better with less. We control and reduce waste. We use, regenerate and recycle the materials used in the production process, conferring value to waste.
  • Waste management: since 2019, we have partnered with Green Line for the management of all waste fabric. After a careful selection and sorting operation, the materials are sent to specific companies to give them a second life and turn them back into raw materials.
  • Energy efficiency: we use renewable and certified energy sources, taking care to make efficient use of them and minimize waste.
  • Water efficiency: our wastewater treatment plants are carefully designed. We also carry out accurate process controls and chemical management, following standards that go beyond our legal obligations, to reduce chemical, physical and biological pollutants.
  • Employee training: we want to increase the level of awareness of our collaborators to ensure that available resources are always used mindfully.


Esemplare is the highest expression of the values and principles that guide the whole Pattern Group: a project that starts from deep-seated convictions, a new way of doing business in an intelligent, ethical and sustainable way.

  • In 2013 Pattern is the first Italian packaging company to obtain the international SA8000-Social Accountability certification.
  • In 2018 Pattern adheres to the sustainable development goals (United Nations SDGs) identified by the UN in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The "From Red to Green Carpet" project aims to make the company carbon neutral by 2023, to social and environmental sustainability and to the implementation of the principles of the circular economy.
  • In 2019 Pattern is the first Italian company to join as a signatory to the"United Nations Charter for Climate Change (UNFCCC)", recognizing the responsibilities of the fashion industry and embarking on a path towards decarbonization. Pattern aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.


Measuring means understanding and acquiring awareness of our impact on the environment. It is the starting point in directing our efforts towards targeted actions, pursuing concrete and quantifiable objectives. Only the measurable can be reduced.

  • Since 2016 Pattern is the only SME in the textile and clothing sector to draw up an annual sustainability report following the guidelines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).
  • From 2019 Pattern takes part in CDP reporting on Climate Change, demonstrating transparency and responsibility on environmental issues central to the low-carbon transition. Only 3 Italian companies in the fashion industry have taken part to date.

Pattern is in the "Awareness" bracket of the CDP SUPPLIER ENGAGEMENT RATING REPORT 2019.

Pattern is in the "Disclosure" range of the CDP SCORE REPORT - CLIMATE CHANGE 2019.

"If we can design a fully eco-sustainable garment and we can produce it with full respect for the environment, then it is our duty to do it."



We are convinced that change becomes real only if it belongs to everyone, if it feeds on the same values and is driven by a common vision: for this reason we pursue the idea of social responsibility for the supply chain.

We want to create a healthy and transparent supply chain starting from raw materials and reaching the end customer with the finished Esemplare garment.

  • In 2013 Pattern obtained the international SA8000 Social Accountability certification to guarantee the ethics of its production chain and its production cycle and asks all its supply chain to adhere to the same standards.
  • In 2015 Pattern joins the Europe 2020 project (P2020) which promotes the adoption of more sustainable chemical management practices in the textile, clothing, footwear and leather supply chain:

| We have extended the adoption of the ZDHC International Protocol (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals) to all our suppliers, completely eliminating the substances considered toxic or harmful from all of our supply chain.

| We have adopted a Chemical Management System (CMS), i.e. a set of documents and procedures that each company in our supply chain must draw up and follow, starting with a letter of intent up to the conformity documentation for all the materials supplied.

| We constantly monitor and verify the production chain through specific tools and evaluation indicators. In this way we guarantee that our supply chain is always transparent and certified.

| We are working on creating a real community to involve suppliers and stakeholders in achieving shared sustainable objectives. We intend to organize a round table , a place for discussion and a real opportunity to set precise and measurable targets.

  • 84% of the core subjects are Italian.
  • 59% of the suppliers of core raw materials have quality certifications with an improvement on the previous year.
  • 83% of the supply chain already complies with P2020 requirements.


Esemplare's sustainability begins in our daily lives and in the environments we operate in.

We make responsible decisions on every aspect of our business, starting with the design of the corporate structures and infrastructures.

  • Since 2018 we only buy green energy to cover our needs.
  • In 2019 we changed our lighting system, installing LED bulbs in all the rooms. In addition, we have improved the thermal and light insulation of the plant, changing windows and fittings.
  • We only use recycled paper, saving a considerable amount of energy, water and trees, and reducing our impact on water and air pollution.
  • We have installed drinking water dispensers for our employees, avoiding a total consumption of 20,000 plastic bottles.

By 2023 we will improve all infrastructures and reconfigure our industry in a sustainable way, increasing efficiency in the use of resources and adopting cleaner and healthier technologies and industrial processes for the environment.

  • By May 2020 we will implement a photovoltaic system for self-consumption. According to the study we carried out, the plant will allow us to reduce emissions by 28 tones per year and will cover more than 45% of the plant's electricity consumption and almost 100% of the electricity needs during the summer months.
  • By 2020

we will implement a 140 kW geothermal plant that will feed the new warehouse;

we will plant a roof garden capable of absorbing part of the carbon dioxide produced by the plant.

  • By 2023

we will reduce gas consumption;

we will equip ourselves with electric vehicles and install the charging stations at our factories.