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“ESEMPLARE’s clothing aims at responding to the demands of the present. Basically, we have something to learn about materials and technology every day! That’s why we’ve made our designs functional and the leading-edge technology we use to make our pieces is aimed at serving the needs of the individual.

We are committed to making sure nothing is wasted and nothing is taken for granted”

Fulvio Botto e Franco Martorella

ESEMPLARE founders


Pattern was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella who, after a big experience working in the most important fashion brands, decided to give birth to a new project in the field of prototyping and, from 2005 on, in the production of top fashion brands’ collections.


Today pattern represents the largest independent international company in the prototyping and pattern-making field and a reference point for the most important maisons.

In 2014, pattern acquires the brand ESEMPLARE. ESEMPLARE has a strong and clear identity: Urban Utility Menswear collection, extreme synthesis of each Pattern value, that is able to combine the most advanced technologies and the attention to the environmental sustainability to an essential design. ESEMPLARE’s collections are designed, engineered, developed exclusively in Italy.

Pattern redacts an annual Sustainability Report since 2015 to track its progress towards sustainable development; Pattern’s new 2019 Sustainability Report is an expression of a corporate culture based on the real implementation of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

On July 17th 2019 the company’s listing on the AIM market took place.