Bella Esperanza

Located in the village of Ugwachanya, Tanzania, the school built by "Bella Esperanza" aims to provide quality education and improve the lives of local families and children. Join us to give hope and a better future to these children.

Bambino della Tanzania con t-shirt Esemplare azzurra che sorride

The first project

Esemplare supports the "Bella Esperanza" project to build the "Rosemary Primary School" in the village of Ugwachanya, Tanzania.

The "Rosemary Primary School" will provide education and learning opportunities to the children of the village, contributing to improving their quality of life and their future.

The project is inspired by Esperanza, an orphaned girl living in one of the facilities that will be involved. Her story of hope and resilience embodies the importance of giving every child the chance to grow and thrive.

"Bella Esperanza" will be supported by partners from the fashion, design, and art worlds. Collaboration with indigenous communities will play a crucial role in its realization.