Soft Launch Bella Esperanza

Soft Launch Bella Esperanza

On 25 November 2023, Bella Esperanza, a new volunteer organisation based in Milan, held a special evening at Barstudios, Via Vallarsa 10, to celebrate its launch. This event, dedicated to improving education for children around the world, focused on compassion, collaboration and change. The evening featured speeches on various topics,musical performances and networking moments, aimed at potential new volunteers, investors, partners and creative talents.


Participants included members of the Bella Esperanza team, Arto Sivonen, CEO of Måndag from Finland, Jenna Vehviläinen, Italian-Finnish journalist, Lamin Drammeh, actor in the film ‘Io Capitano’, andValentino Agunu aka WADO, singer and activist. Also speaking via video wereJonah Otieno, CEO of 5DM in Kenya, and Ruth Mlay, Executive Director of Femina Hip in Tanzania. During the evening, Alexandra presented Bella Esperanza, interviewing four volunteers, three of whom were present and one via video. Arto Sivonen spoke about Design Activism and sustainability, exploring the collaboration between Europe and Africa and the educational challenges in Tanzania. Jonah Otieno discussed business cooperation opportunities between East Africa and Europe, while Ruth Mlay analyzed the main concerns on educationand youth in Tanzania and proposed possible business collaborations. Jenna Vehviläinen interviewed Lamin Drammeh on the importance of education and hope, sharing personal experiences and reflecting on the impact of education.


The main objective of the event was the softlaunch of Bella Esperanza, presenting the organization and the team and highlighting current projects. Bella Esperanza aims to create a global networkof support, promoting collaboration between various sectors and cultures to address global educational challenges. The event was an important opportunity to learn more about the organization, its initiatives and how everyone cancontribute to this movement for positive change.

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