Primo viaggio in Tanzania

First Trip in Tanzania


From 16th to 25th June 2023, the "Bella Esperanza" project organizes an annual expedition to Tanzania with the aim of bringing support and hope to local communities. This journey is an opportunity to actively contribute to the development of educational infrastructure and create meaningful connections with the children and families of the area. The expedition involves volunteers from various disciplines, united by the desire to improve living conditions and promote education in disadvantaged areas.


The "Bella Esperanza" expedition of June 2023 saw the participation of five volunteers:

- Alexandra, president of Bella Esperanza ODV

- Andrea Crespi, artist

- Lorenzo Sandano, food writer

- Nicolas Seegatz, photographer and social media manager

- Stefano Bosatelli, videomaker

During the trip, the team visited the school construction site, noting the completion of four classrooms and twelve bathrooms, with work on two dormitories for 100 children ongoing. Andrea created a mural depicting a child and the first president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere, a symbol of the importance of education. Lorenzo cooked a pasta dish for the children at the orphanage, creating a moment of joy and sharing. Nicolas and Stefano documented the experience through photos and videos, sharing the adventure with a wider audience.

The expedition was a success, with tangible progress in the construction of the school and documentation of stories of hope and change. Each volunteer contributed uniquely, making this mission an unforgettable experience. The hope is to continue on this path and return to Tanzania soon to see the dormitories completed and bring further opportunities to these wonderful communities.

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