About Us

We strongly believe that sharing is the key to providing learning and growth opportunities for everyone. 

We believe it is crucial to transmit the experience and craftsmanship of Italian fashion trades, not as a luxury for a few, but as an accessible heritage for many. Esemplare is committed as a non-profit organization to dedicate all its profits to projects aimed at transmitting and preserving the savoir-faire of Italian fashion, bridging the knowledge of past generations with the potential of future generations.

We are confident in soon opening our doors to talented young individuals from around the world, supporting them in learning trades that are at risk of disappearing and offering them the opportunity to design the future they desire. We aim to create an environment where they can nurture their passion and talent, contributing to the continuity and innovation in the fashion industry. Together, we can preserve and enhance the rich artisanal heritage of Italian fashion and shape a sustainable future for the industry.


esemplare¹ [from the late Latin exemplaris, der. of exemplum «example»]. – Which can serve as an example, which can be used as an example of correspondence with a certain model or concept.

esemplare² [from the Latin exemplar (or exemplar) -aris, der. of exemplum «example»]. – Person who can be an example, a model: he is an example of modesty, of virtue; Object that is or can be a model for implementing other similar objects.

  • Outdoor

    We extract the aesthetics of the outdoor world from its usual context to be applied to new scenarios, reinterpreting typical garments from the male wardrobe.

    The collections are designed with a focus on outerwear looks. While the collections are initially intended for men, our idea is to create garments that can be part of anyone's wardrobe who identifies with Esemplare.

  • Non-profit

    We will donate 100% of our profits to projects aimed at improving the future of those in greatest need, through ideas that have a positive impact on people and the environment.

    Our projects will focus on the field of education, starting by directing the profits towards Africa to support and assist the population in building schools and related facilities.

    Our ultimate goal is to create an independent and free School of Trades for those who do not have the opportunity to attend private institutions or fashion academies.

  • technology

    We combine technological innovation, design, ethics, and sustainability with the world of fashion, bridging the gap with the new generations.

    We connect ancient craftsmanship with innovative technologies, exploring unique fabrics to apply traditional techniques or experimenting with unconventional processes on traditional fabrics.

    Our garment design also involves 3D modeling, using CAD software that allows us to create simulated models with various types of fabrics and knits, using static or dynamic avatars.

  • People and environment

    By collaborating synergistically with Pattern Group, our goal is to create a product that is socially ethical and environmentally sustainable. To achieve this, we localize the design, development, and production of our collections in Italy, relying on a network of selected manufacturers who share our values.

    We give value to advanced or obsolete raw materials by donating them to social enterprises through targeted collaborations. In this way, we promote the circular economy and contribute to waste reduction, while supporting the social and solidarity economy.

About pattern

Pattern, the Headquarter of the Pattern Group, was founded in 2000 by Franco Martorella and Fulvio Botto as a leading company in the prototyping and engineering of luxury menswear and outerwear.

In 2017, a structured growth process began which led, thanks first to the achievement of the Elite Certification of Borsa Italiana and then in 2019 to the listing on the Euronext Growth Milan Market of Borsa Italiana, to the creation of the Pattern Group: the first Italian Hub for Luxury Design and Manufacturing.

Composed of 12 companies and 13 factories - each a leader in the Prototyping and Manufacturing of different product categories - located in 7 regions throughout Italy, the Pattern Group is present in all the main product categories of Fashion Luxury, from Research and Engineering to Manufacturing.