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About Us

Esemplare lives constant research as the key to evolution and innovation. The project interprets technological experimentation by creating a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Past and present intertwine overcoming the limits for a more sustainable future. This is Exemplary.

The beginning

Pattern was founded in 2000 by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella who, after experiences as pattern makers at the most important fashion houses, decide to start a project in the field of design and to support the production phase since 2005.

The Group, a point of reference for the most prestigious international fashion brands, today represents the largest independent international reality in terms of design and modeling skills dedicated to the first lines.

In 2014 Pattern acquires Esemplare, the brand that fully represents the Group's values.

Since 2015 Pattern has drawn up an annual Sustainability Report to report its progress towards sustainable development. On 17 July 2019 the Pattern company is listed on the AIM market.

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“Esemplare garments are created with the aim of responding to the needs of the present. The design of the product is the real fulcrum, its functionality. Everything starts from the research of materials and new technologies, always think of the "service" of the individual. "

Fulvio Botto and Franco Martorella - Esemplare Founders


adj. m. ef which serves as an example; which can be taken as a model: exemplary life; Person who is an example to be imitated: an example of honesty. Object that constitutes a typical example, a model: an example of style. Etymology from Lat. exemplāre (m), deriv. of exĕmplum 'example, model'. Each copy of a series: a very rare specimen

We combine the most advanced technologies and attention to the theme of environmental sustainability with a pure and essential design. The collections are the result of continuous research and experimentation designed, engineered and developed exclusively in Italy. Thanks to cutting-edge fabrics and technological research, Esemplare garments have multiple performances capable of accompanying every movement in any context and occasion, guaranteeing full functionality.