Bella Esperanza

Located in the village of Ugwachanya, Tanzania, the school built by "Bella Esperanza" aims to provide quality education and improve the lives of local families and children. Join us to give hope and a better future to these children.

The first project

The association that Esemplare chooses to support is called "Bella Esperanza" and its project will focus on the creation of a primary school called "Rosemary Primary School". This school will play a fundamental role in providing education and educational opportunities in the village of Ugwachanya, located in Tanzania.

"Bella Esperanza" was inspired by an orphaned girl named Esperanza, who currently resides within one of the facilities that will be part of the project. This emotionally connects the work of the association with a story of hope and resilience, highlighting the importance of providing growth and development opportunities to children like Esperanza.

"Bella Esperanza" will kick off by the end of the year thanks to the contribution of multiple partners related to the fashion, design, and art world. We aim to improve the quality of life for the families and children of the village of Ugwachanya, directly involving the indigenous populations in the realization of this project.